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I am a beekeeper, and keep some colonies of bees in my backyard and  in Bay of Islands area. Therefore, all our products are made of our own production, from our own bees.

How is honey produced ?
The honey season runs from November to March and during this time the bees collect nectar from flowers and produce honey which they store up to feed themselves during the winter. They store the honey in frames which are stored in honey supers.

How is it extracted ?
The honey supers are brought to our NZFSA approved honey house and each frame is removed and put through the uncapper which removes the wax layer covering the honey.The frames are then put in to the extractor which spins them round and using centrifugal force pulls the honey out.The honey is then filtered to remove any lumps of wax.

What is the difference between Raw honey and Creamed honey ?
After the honey has been extracted it is either put in a pot or put in a drum. The honey put straight into the pot is called Raw Honey. It hasn't been heated, it hasn't been creamed and it has naturally granulated. The honey that is put in the drum will be packaged as creamed honey at a later date.

What is Creamed Honey ?
Creamed honey has been stirred as it cools which stops the granules grouping together and keeps the texture smooth. The only thing added is honey that has already been creamed to act as a starter and keep the granules small and smooth.

Our products
We sell Manuka Honey and Bush Honey in plastic or glass jars from 250grs to 1 kilo.
Propolis extract  is available in 25ml.
We can provide bee wax candle and fresh bee pollen

What we believe in ?
Because we are involved in all aspects of honey production, we have control over the quality and flavor of the honey "From the hive to the Honey Pot".
For honey, propolis, fresh bee pollen enquiries or just to share ideas please contact Frank on